Introducing our new Tenant of the Month award

2 August 2018

In June, Townsville Rentals launched our new Tenant of the Month program!  
One of the most important things we can do to maximise the return on your investment is to encourage good tenants to stay longer in your property. The Tenant of the Month programme is our latest initiative to reward our best tenants.
We want to make sure that good tenants feel appreciated and rewarded for maintaining your property in excellent condition and being reliable and responsible. The Tenant of the Month program rewards one tenant each month with a special prize, based on factors including:

  • Rent payments (making sure they don’t have a history of arrears);
  • Condition of the property at inspections;
  • The manner in which they deal with any issues that have arisen; and
  • Length of time in the property.

We also make sure that our tenants know that the gift is coming from the property owner, not just from our agency, so that they know that they are also valued by you.
Our first Tenant of the Month received their gifts in June and we have already selected our July winners, so keep an eye out for the big announcement!

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