Leading demographer analyses Townsville in 2050

1 May 2017

Australia’s leading social, generational and demographic commentator, and The Australian social columnist, Bernard Salt, has profiled Townsville in 2050.

Mr Salt was in Townsville to present at the Redefining Townsville: Townsville in 2050 forum, presented by Townsville Bulletin and James Cook University, late February.

According to Salt, Townsville has the bones to be a regional powerhouse; those bones or “hard-gets” being:

  • A university
  • A CSIRO division
  • An airport
  • Regional TV
  • A military base

This foundation, along with Townsville’s key involvement in proposed national plans for North Australia, make few cities as well-positioned for growth and prosperity as Townsville.

To build on the foundation set by these “hard-gets”, Mr Salt emphasised a need for strong local enterprise and a can-do attitude.

Mr Salt also predicted Townsville’s population will grow from 180,000 people in 2014 to 340,000 people in 2050, which would place it as Australia’s eleventh largest city.

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