Avoid overheating from avoidable breakdowns and hefty bills – service your air cons in winter

24 April 2017

The Townsville 'winter' may be an illusion, but this slight drop in temp does offer a chance to service air conditioning units before the summer heat hits.

To protect your investment, we encourage a thought-out service approach to avoid breakdowns and the hefty costs that follow, especially in the middle of summer when your tenants use the units most and licensed mechanics are in peak season and not readily available.

WINTER: We highly recommend enlisting a licensed refrigeration mechanic to conduct a full service – filter clean, fan barrel clean, coil clean, the works. Your property’s high-use units (think living room and main bedroom) may only need this once every two to three years if they receive regular, thorough filter cleans.

SUMMER: We suggest conducting a complete filter clean. If unit filters are cleaned regularly, you may only need to clean filters every six months and prolong the period between full services. Like any piece of machinery, good maintenance equals longevity.

Ask us about a full air con service approach for your property, and we will find the best deal for you and your particular property. If you prefer to use your own contractor, we recommend asking if they offer a winter service discount. Also, be sure to enquire about a full service as opposed to a standard filter clean.

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