Why Choose Townsville Rentals

Townsville Rentals has one consistent aim - to continue to be the best property management specialists in Townsville.

Most residential investment properties are managed by traditional real estate agencies whose core business and main focus is selling properties, not managing them. We used to be one of those organisations until we realised that to provide a superior property management service you have to totally focus on that service.

It’s simple really……………an organisation that focuses 100% on being the very best at one thing is always going to perform better than a ‘jack of all trades’.  As property management specialists, we’re so confident in our services that we provide an exclusive 100% Service Guarantee.

Townsville's #1 Residential Property Managers

Our property managers bring years of industry experience to the table, offering leading expertise in property management in the Townsville market. With the best quality control systems, high professional standards and strong ethical values, you are guaranteed only the best.

We focus on developing the best available operational systems and employing people with a commitment to and a passion for property management along with a total attention to detail.

This focus is why we are the fastest growing property management specialist in North Queensland. With several hundred properties under our management, we have the experience and the track record as the best property managers in Townsville. And our clients agree with us.

Your valuable investment property is safeguarded every step of the way by professional property management personnel using a tried and tested system that is under constant review.

Every step has been refined over years of success in property management, starting with tenant selection, inspection timetables, dispute management and resolution, programmed maintenance, reports to investors and finally appropriate disbursement of tenants’ bonds.

We start as we mean to end – thorough, educated, detailed, timely, responsive and helpful. Should any issue arise, our job is to provide the best possible solutions for the best outcome.

Stress-free property management

At Townsville Rentals we understand what is important to you - protection of your asset, reliable income stream and cost-effective property management. With us, you will never again have to worry management of your investment property. We are so sure that we can provide a stress-free property management service that we guarantee it in our service agreement.

Landlords wanting a reliable manager to take care of their investment and ensure that it provides a good income need a company that puts all its efforts into looking after their interests.

With no sales department to distract Townsville Rentals from its letting business, only professional property management is our core activity, so we can devote all our time and energy to maximising your profits and vetting prospective tenants.

While owners want to see their house or apartment occupied, it is really important to match people with homes so landlords can benefit from long-term associations with their tenants.

At Townsville Rentals, we always check references carefully and we work hard to make sure that every house is let to somebody who will really appreciate it. It is this approach that has made us the first port of call with people looking for rental property in Townsville.

So if you’re looking for a results-focused, stress-free property management solution, you’ve come to the right place. Not only do we understand the importance you place on communication, we also know that you expect the best possible rents with the lowest possible down-time. 

If Townsville Rentals is what you want, you can contact us regarding the management of your investment property by completing the form on the left of this page.

We understand your needs

At Townsville Rentals, we know what is truly important to you… revenue, reliability and communication at a fair price.

We don’t believe in making empty promises… and our cost structure is open and transparent. At any time we are happy to open our files, invite you to examine our track record and let you make a sound business decision based on facts and performance, not empty words.

Townsville Rentals will ensure that:

  • You have no worries about your investment property.
  • Everything is taken care of so your property investment is easy.
  • We communicate with you regularly about your investment property, and the advice we give you is reliable and accurate.
  • Your asset is managed with a focus on the bottom line.
  • Vacancy periods are minimised or even done away with completely.
  • Thorough application checks and personal management result in good tenants for your property.
  • Cost conscious and diligent maintenance management helps minimise expenses while keeping your property marketable.

If you're looking for a property management company who will work with you to achieve your financial goals, then we'd love to hear from you. Contact Us today.

And if you’d like to find out how much your property should be renting for, click this link: Free Rental Appraisal.

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