Herron Todd White’s December rent roll survey

29 April 2017

Herron Todd White’s monthly rent roll survey for December 2015 shows vacancy rates have increased in the Townsville market from the previous month. However, there is a clear drop since December 2014.

Townsville Rentals manager Leah Riddle says we are still in the ebb and flows of a stubborn market.

“December and January are traditionally high activity months, when many properties return to the market as tenants move locations or upgrade/downgrade property. Because of that movement, there are more vacancies at that time, even if only for a short time.

“Our leasing team has started January full of energy and enthusiasm, securing 19 leases to date over the 11 working days January 4 to 18. That averages out to more than 1.7 properties rented each working day.

“We are committed to securing quality tenants for our rental properties.”

View HTW's December rent roll survey summary here.

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