Should you be Purchasing Landlord Insurance?

11 July 2017

Landlord Insurance is a difficult decision for many investment property owners. While in an ideal world you may think you don't need it, it can prove to be a vital investment in many situations.
While it varies from product to product, Landlord Insurance covers areas such as loss of rent, malicious damage and theft. No amount of tough screening can guarantee a perfect tenant, and sometimes these issues can cost more than the bond that you've been paid.
Even in circumstances where you have legal grounds to pursue a tenant for damages or unpaid rent, the cost and time delay involved in this process can still leave you out of pocket.
Landlord Insurance helps minimise this risk and importantly, simplifies and speeds up the process for ensuring that you can recover money that you are owed.
If you would like to know more about Landlord Insurance, don’t hesitate to discuss this with your Townsville Rentals’ Property Manager.

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